Love gives one a feeling of interminability. The existentialist Kierkegaard portrayed love as joining the worldly with the endless. This is best comprehended when you lose somebody you adore, for example, your mom or father. Despite the fact that your adored one has kicked the bucket and is no longer with you on earth, your affection lives on for the one you appreciate. 17

This photo of John-John Kennedy saluting his late dad, President John F. Kennedy, caught the misery of our grieving country. This notorious photo was taken by Stan Stearns of Annapolis, Maryland. At the time he was an UPI picture taker at the memorial service parade outside St. Matthew's Church building in Washington, D. C. on November 25, 1963, 3 days after the President's death in Dealey Court in Dallas, Texas. This copyrighted photo is distributed here with his consent.

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Karol Wojtyla, who turned into our dearest Pope John Paul II, expounded on the advancement of affect…


"So God made man in his own picture,

in the picture of God he made him;

male and female he made them.

Also, God favored them, and God said to them,

"Be productive and increase, and fill the earth and stifle it."

Beginning 1:27-28

In this way a man leaves his dad and his mom and divides to his significant other, and they end up one tissue.

Beginning 2:24 ¹

One can see from the Holy book and the simple science of the human body that it is normal for a man and a lady to be as one. God made lady since "it isn't useful for man to be distant from everyone else" (Beginning 2:18). From the earliest starting point of time, as recorded in the Book of Beginning, God made arrangements for man and lady to join in affection and marriage for the progression of his creation, the human family.² Kids are the foods grown from the ground of a marriage. The family gives a system to every relative to develop as a man in affection and security. ³

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